Who Ought to Have Civil Engineers Contractors Insurance?

Civil contracting insurance is needed by all sorts of contractors – not just civil engineers themselves. This is because, due to the nature of the industry, many different sorts of disciplines – and, therefore, businesses – will be involved in delivering a typical civil engineering project. Without a proper civil engineering contractor's insurance policy that affords you full cover for the common problems faced on large-scale construction projects, you could place your entire organisation at risk. [Read More]

How To Defend A Public Liability Claim Against Your Business

If you run a small business or work in an industry where you interact with the public or with suppliers, you must have public liability insurance (PLI) cover in place.  PLI is there to protect you in the event that someone makes a claim for injury to themselves or damage to their property.  But what happens if you are subject to such a claim?  How do you go about defending yourself? [Read More]

How o Successfully Manage Your Own Investment Property Rental

Traditionally, people who own investment properties that are rented out to tenants have used a real estate agent or property management company to handle the process. However, more and more owners are ditching the agents and handling the management of their property themselves. An agent or manager generally charges a minimum of $2000 per year to manage the property, with extras for advertising, re-letting, and administration. The cost, coupled with concerns that your property will be poorly managed, may mean that you are considering renting out your property privately. [Read More]

3 Tips on How to Get Insurance Faster & Cheaper

Getting insurance in the modern world is a necessity for home, business and property owners. However, as much as you know you need it, you may still feel as if you're paying out more than you can afford. Read on for three tips on how you can quickly narrow down your search for an insurer and get lower rates on policies. Negotiate your premiums The first thing you need to know about your insurance covers is that the premiums are never marked in ink; they can be changed, albeit just a bit. [Read More]